Poker Chip Values

Poker is one of the most well-known gambling card games in the world. This is a card game where players wager over what hand is the best. Poker’s known to be a strategic game. Players try to bluff each other, or they will raise their bet if they believe the hand they’ve received is strong.


Poker has become very popular since the start of the 20th Century. This popular card game is no longer only a game for the players but has also become a big hit for spectators.


In this article, we’ll be taking a look at different aspects of poker, the value of the poker chips, and other aspects of this very popular card game.

How to Change Money With Poker Chips 

When it comes to poker, we know that poker chips are essential and represent money in the gambling world. Poker chips are an important part of the poker card game, and the game cannot be played in casinos without them. 


Players make bets and raise bets in the form of poker chips instead of hard cash, and they are only valuable inside the casino. Each poker chip has a value which differs according to colors.


When a player finishes the game they’re playing, they will take their poker chips and cash them in for the poker chips’ value. Most casino chips will have the logo of that specific casino on them. Players will need to exchange their casino chips for money before they leave the casino. 


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In poker, a buy-in is when a tournament needs a player to make an up-front payment. This payment will determine the winning pool amount. This amount includes a small part which is most known as the rake. The rake gets paid to the house.

Poker Chip Colours 

Poker chips are an essential part of any type of poker game that’s being played. The different color poker chips get used as money in the game, and also during certain types of tournaments.


The standard value for the colors of these gambling chips are;


  • $1 for the white casino chip. 
  • $5 for the red chip. 
  • Orange is $10. 
  • Yellow is usually $20. 
  • Green being $25.
  • Black being $100. 
  • Purple is $500. 
  • Maroon usually has the highest value, which is $1000.


The tournament poker chip value and the colors may be different. It’s important to keep that in mind when entering a tournament. The poker chip value depends on the type of game or the type of event a player is playing. The values in a money game represent the cash. The colors of the poker chip might also be different according to a casino. A casino usually tends to follow similar patterns.

Casino Chips 

As with a lot of things in life, casino chips do expire. The expiry days of a casino chip depends on the casino owners. Casino chips can expire as soon as a few months from the day they got issued. The chips can also expire as long as a couple of decades after the issued date.


These small and round discs used in table games represent cash in a casino. The chips are used in many different table games. Other games that include casino chips are Blackjack and Roulette. Casino chips aren’t tied to any specific game or specific table when they’re issued. The casino chips are used for all table games that involve them.

Poker Chip Sets

When a player is looking to buy their own personal poker chip set, they should buy one with 500 poker chips because they’re considered as the best poker chip sets. The poker chips are usually in three or four colors for the different denominations.


Most good poker chip sets come with everything you need to have an exciting night of poker. The set should include the 500 good casino chips, two decks of cards, a reliable dealer button, two good blind buttons, and a heavy-duty case that will last a long while.