Top 10 Most Popular Casino Poker Card Games List:

If you have not played casino games in the past, and you do not know where to start, you can get information here. In case you prefer poker games, you are in luck because you will find everything you need here. 

The beauty of poker is that once you learn on, the others are easy to pick up. For instance, if you know how to play Texas Hold’em, it will be easy for you to learn Pot Limit-Omaha.   

These Are the Top 10 Most Played Card Poker Games at a Casino:

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the world’s most popular casino game. If you are interested in playing poker games, you should start here.

The majority of marquee tournaments in the entire world, such as the WPT, WSOP, EPT, and others, play Texas Hold’em.

In this game, the dealer shuffles a deck of 52 cards and places 2 in front of every player and 2 face-up in front of themselves. Once players look at their cards, they will place bets.

The dealer will then place another 3 cards face up next to the original 2, one at a time as players continue to bet. The player with the best winning hand after all 5 cards are dealt is the winner and takes all of the pot.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Pot-Limit Omaha is a favorite of Europeans and players who like to bet high because there is a lot of action. When it comes to popularity, it comes in second to Texas Hold’em.

In this game, you will receive four hole cards, and you can make a maximum bet and raise it to equal to what is in the pot already.

PLO uses five community cards and blinds. The betting rounds are the same as in Texas Hold’em, including the turn, flop, and river.

Each player receives four hole cards, and that is the most significant difference. In Omaha, two of the hole cards with the three community cards must make the best five-card poker hand.   

Card Stud

The Seven-card stud is also known as the hipster poker game for people who do not want to play along. This became famous before Texas Hold’em rose to fame.

It can be played with two to eight players and community cards without a flop. The 7-card stud poker starts with two cards facing down, and the third one is facing up.

After the seven cards are dealt with, three facing down and four facing up, you must choose the five best combinations.

Most of the time, the seven-card stud is played as a limit game. You must take note of your game opponents so you will not underestimate or incorrectly estimate the game odds. 


Razz is played by flipping upside down the card and hand rankings. Your goal is to have the worst hand based on poker hand rankings.

There are low aces in Razz, and the straight flushes are not counted. Therefore, the best possible hand is five-low.

It works like the seven-card stud, but it is the player with the highest door card that will bring it in. The betting starts when the player shows the lowest poker card. Razz is also a limit game and has the same betting pattern as Stud.

After the last round of betting, players must show their hands and make the top five-card low hand so the winner can be chosen.   

Omaha Hi-Lo

If you never played any variation of Hi-Lo poker, you will like this game. Here, the pot will be split between the highest and lowest hand.

If you know how to play PLO, it will be easier to understand Omaha Hi-Lo. 

The Omaha Hi-Lo uses blinds, and each player receives four cards. There are four betting rounds with flop, river, and turn.

The pot is divided between the best high and low hands.

Each player must make two separate hands, using two-hole cards and three board cards. If there is the best high and low hand, you will win the entire pot, which is known as “scooping.”

4-Card Poker

The 4-card poker is similar to 3-card poker, but the dealer always qualifies here. The player gets five cards, and the dealer receives six. Five cards are facing down, and one is up. They will both form their own four-card hand. 

The player must ante to start the play and place a wager between one to three times the ante so they can remain in the hand after the cards are dealt.  

2-7 Triple Draw

The objective of 2-7 triple draw poker is to get the lowest possible five-card hand in four rounds, and each game has three draws.

In each round, players must pick cards they will discard from zero to five cards. Then, the dealer gives the replacements.

There is another betting round, after the third draw. Then, the dealer determines the betting order and discards it.

The aces are high, and the deuces are low. The straight flushes are playing against you, so the best hand must be 23457 without a suited card.

Card Draw

This game is a classic in poker. A lot of players learn to play it even if when they were kids. It is fun and easy. For beginners, this is the best place to start if you want to learn poker.

Card draw poker uses the rankings in a poker hand. The royal flush is the best hand you can get in the game. Then, the betting and structure round is like Texas Hold’em and Omaha, so you will not be confused if you already know how to play those. 

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is unique in the world of poker. There must be four players in the game, and each player deals with 13 cards, and they must be arranged into three poker hands.

There is a middle hand with five cards and must rank higher than the top hand. The bottom hand has five cards and must have the highest ranking among the three.

Each player will score each hand against other players’ corresponding hand. Before starting the game, players must agree on a dollar value at each point before the game. You win a point for every hand, and then you win against other players.

Pai Gow Poker

In this game, the player and dealer each receive seven cards. There will be a five-card and two-card hand. Players must make sure that the five-card hand is higher compared to the two-card hand.

The player’s five-card hand must beat the dealer’s five-card hand, and the same goes for the two-card hand. If the player wins, the casino gets a 5% commission.

If the dealer’s hands win, the player loses their bet. The result of the hands’ majority is a factor when the dealer has one better hand, and the player is better on the other hand.   

These are the top 10 most played poker games in a casino.