What Is Poker Slow Roll? Meaning and Definition

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Though there might not be one accurate definition of poker slow roll, those who have played poker know when they do it or when it happens.

Also, very rarely does not take place by accident. In simple terms, it occurs when you are aware you have the best hand but intentionally refuse to show down your hand in time.

Though it happens, to most players, it is something that they never want to experience. The principle of the game is that you must always treat other players fairly on the table.

Why Slow Roll Is Bad Manners

Some individuals have issues understanding why the slow roll poker is bad manners or simply refuse to accept it as one.

The player doing it always thinks it is fun, especially when they can get other participants on tilt.

However, it is never a good idea to provoke other players, especially when you emerge the winner.

It is all a matter of having respect and showing an act of courtesy to your opponents. It is prudent to think ahead and figure out how you would feel when someone decided to treat you the same way.

Just Behave Well

If you are the winner, there is nothing that can change it. So, there is no point in trying to play around and tease your opponents that they can beat you.

This will only reveal your bad manners. It is okay to bluff for a few seconds, but employing a slow roll is a way of irritating other people.

Furthermore, if you take too much time to show down your hand, you will slow down the entire game.

Unfortunately, no one will be happy with you pulling such immature stunts. Just be good and show down your hand on time.

Is Poker Slow Roll Against The Rules?

Those who like to employ poker slow roll will claim that there is no official rule in the game to stop it.

This is true since there is no official rule defining the seconds or minutes you should take to showdown your hand.

Therefore, you do not stand to be penalized, such as missing some rounds from the table. However, in some cases, you might run into poker agents or room managers who do not tolerate such actions.

Therefore, they might give you a penalty if you carry on with it despite being warned.

How To Avoid Unintentional Slow Roles

Not everything in poker is clear and we can get confused at times. Thankfully, there are things you can do to avoid even the slightest slow roll.

For instance, you can turn your cards over of muck your hands when it is your turn to do so. If you have the nuts, be the first to react unless there are house rules limiting you from doing so.

Also, if you have been told by the players that you have got it or anything else along that line, just make sure to be attentive and you will avoid it.

Is It Ever Alright To Slow Roll?

The idea of slow-rolling has never been appreciated by anyone, except the person doing it at that particular moment. But you can try it at home when playing with your buddies for fun.

But you should never try it in any other case; it is very annoying. The point is that you should not be the person who always irritates everyone at the table.

If that is the case, no one will ever want to play with you. It may be cool to be the bad guy at some point, but that would not increase your chances of winning.

What Goes Around Comes Around

If you are a regular poker game player that tends to gather the same players, it might not take long before you are identified as a slow roller.

Once that happens, everyone else will constantly be looking for a chance to give back to you. From then on, you will feel the irritation you have always put them through.

You can imagine being on a table where six other players are looking to slow roll you. How would that feel? But this is a mistake that should never happen and the change begins with you.

If you are the one we are talking about in this piece, it would be better if you stopped. Try to be polite and make it a fairground for everyone.

Though poker is a way of making money, it should be fun. Therefore, do not try to irritate everyone, unless you don’t want them to play with you next time.

The fact is that you won’t gain anything from slow-rolling your opponent, so behave well and maintain your professional profile. If you feel that you need to bluff, it is okay only to do it for a few seconds.


What is a slow roll in poker?

A short description is a person who makes a pause before revealing the winning cards just to mock the other players.

Is slow rolling illegal?

It is not illegal but it is considered to be somewhat rude and not very polite. It may cause some tension around the poker table and you will most likely be seen as more of a douche after.