Five of the Most Famous Poker Players in the US

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Poker has long been one of America’s favorite casino games. Its popularity has led to hundreds of annual tournaments, prime time broadcasts, and millionaires making a name for themselves. We have all heard stories of the personalities that grace the top of the players’ lists, but who are these giants of the game who have made poker their own? Here are five of the best and most well-known poker players from the United States.

It’s important to note that each of these players have been perfecting their games for decades and have lost plenty along the way. If you’re going to reach their level of ability, it will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and an understanding that you’re going to lose plenty. Many new poker players are getting their starts online. With hundreds of online casinos with fantastic renditions of poker that you may play, it’s no surprise that the popularity of the game continues to rise.

The Five Best Poker Players From the USA

These are the best of the best. They’ve been playing for decades and have been in the public eye for just as long. Each player on our list has made millions from this enticing game and have perfected the craft of the ‘poker face.’ If you ever find yourself at a table with them, then perhaps it’s time to pack up and head out. Whether you love to play or just to watch, these five players are sure to catch your eye. They are the five most famous poker players from the USA.

Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney was born in Long Beach, New York in 1986. This 33-year old has won one bracelet, made it to seven final tables, and holds the record for the largest ever single payout of $20 million. His current net worth is around $56 million.

Justin Bonomo

Justin was born in Oakton, Virginia and currently resides in Las Vegas. At 35, Justin already has three bracelets and over 50 money finishes. His highest ever win was over $10 million and his current net worth is just over $48 million – second only to Bryn Kenney.

Erik Seidel

With eight bracelets, 35+ final tables, and over 100 money finishes, this 60 year old New Yorker is one of the most successful players ever. His biggest win was about $2.5 million and his lifetime winnings are around $35 million.

Antonio Esfandiari

Born in Tehran, Iran and moved at the age of nine to San Francisco, this 41 year old has three bracelets, 19 final tables, and over 30 money finishes. His biggest win was almost $20 million and his current net worth is about $28 million.

Phil Ivey

At 43, Phil is kickin’ back in Las Vegas with his net worth of over $100 million from poker and business ventures after his playing time. He won 10 bracelets – three in the same year – and was nicknamed the Tiger Woods of poker. In WSOP, Ivey walked away with a record of .714 which is something many poker players dream of.

Get Your Start Online

While online casinos are a relatively new thing, they have been around long enough for many of these national sensations to play. The best feature of an online casino is easily their live section. While many poker machines simply come down to luck and don’t give you the experience or feel of an in-person game, a live poker game online pits you up against real people. You can hone in on your skills with live poker, or win big with some of the best video poker online.

What it Takes to Be the Best

Whether you’re looking to become the next Bryn Kenney, or to simply win big at your local tournaments, becoming the best is all about practice. You’ll notice that each of the players on our list have been playing since they were children. Antonio Esfandiari has earned over $22 million due to knowing the game and keeping active for so long.

If you’re looking to become the best poker player from the USA, then take a page from the book of the professionals. Keep playing. Find a quality online casino so that you can play from home and keep your skills sharp. The best players want to keep playing, no matter what.